Construction Project Status

Construction is a sure sign of progress and improvement in a healthy economy. Public streets and utilities need regular repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Such work is funded through Brea's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and combinations of Federal and State grant programs that have been established for specific types of work.

Only after many years of careful planning and budgeting can various CIP Projects get out to bid. Once contracts are awarded, it is yet another process to ramp up the actual construction. The City of Brea works closely with selected contractors to schedule work as tightly as possible and get notifications out during critical phases of work.

This MAP is updated periodically to show locations where construction work is underway in Brea. Questions about City of Brea projects may be directed to 714-990-7667.

North Brea Boulevard Underground Project

This project will remove the existing Southern California Edison (SCE) utility poles on the west side of Brea Boulevard from Lambert Road to Central Avenue. SCE is the lead utility company for this Project and the Contractor hired by SCE is Henkels and McCoy.

Before the SCE poles are removed, underground conduits will be installed by various utility companies (SCE, AT&T, Crowncastle and Time Warner) into three phases. Phase 1 will be performed by SCE & AT&T and this phase is estimated to be completed in December 2017. Subsequently, Crowncastle and Time Warner will install their conduits. The final phase is the removal of the existing utility poles which are anticipated to be completed by September 2018.

The traffic lanes on Brea Boulevard will be impacted intermittently on weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM. The public is advised to use alternate route and observed traffic signs posted by the contractor.

CALTRANS PROJECT ON6003--Pavement Rehabilitation
Valencia Avenue/Carbon Canyon Rd. (142) To Brea Hills Drive.

This CalTrans project will remove and replace existing Asphalt Concrete (AC) Pavement with new AC and Concrete Pavement beginning at the intersection of SR 90 (Imperial Highway) and Valencia to Brea Hills Drive on SR 142 (Carbon Canyon Rd.)  This project will also include replacement of ADA (American Disability Act) ramps.